The Great Outdoors

We’re situated on Canada Common in the beautiful New Forest. The surrounding area is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest with many rare plants and wildlife.

Canada Common is one of the New Forest’s manorial commons, so livestock roam freely all year round.


The forest is fresh and green and full of life. Look out for new born lambs, donkey and pony foals, calves and piglets. Take time to watch the garden birds, as they build nests and rear their chicks.


Great swathes of open forest turn purple with heather. Enjoy a shaded woodland walk, a scenic bike ride, or a day out at one of the nearby beaches. Take a short trip at dusk to listen to the nightjars.


When the trees turn glorious shades of copper and gold. It’s pannage season, when pigs snuffle through the forest. Walk with Alpacas, or forage for fungi.


The forest remains beautiful through the colder months. Wrap up warm, like the forest ponies in their velvety Winter coats, don a pair of wellies and enjoy this quieter time of year. Find a cosy pub with a roaring fire and relax.