Performance opportunity

The Labours requires a large number of volunteer performers to take part in the final live event. This is an exciting opportunity to work with two established international artists. We are looking for a cross-generational cast, from the age of 11+ and welcome both professional performers, as well as those with little or no previous experience.

To take part you will need to be available on the following dates
Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June – daytime rehearsals, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre
Tuesday 21 June – evening performance, Lincoln city centre

For further information, please contact Lincolnshire Dance on: 01522 811 811 or,



As part of the project the artists will be completing week-long residencies at The Choreographic Lab, The University of Northampton and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. The residencies will include a series of public events offering a chance to experience the work during its development.



Friday 10 June, 5pm, The Choreographic Lab, The University of Northampton

Join the artists on their last day at The Choreographic Lab for an informal sharing and discussion to discover how the work has developed.



Friday 17 June, midday –5pm

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, £5

Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrissey will lead an afternoon workshop open to local and national artists working within performance, dance, choreography, visual arts and new media. The workshop will focus on an expanded version of site-specific practice in which technology and geo-specific information are used in addition to site research to consider the culture and conditions of a locale.

To book a place please contact Lincolnshire Dance on 01522 811 811 or


Sunday 19 June, 3pm, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Core performers from the project residencies will enact an indoor version of the city-wide solstice event. The performance will combine choreographed sequences of labour gestures and spoken texts creating a contemporary and site-specific rewriting of Tennyson’s Ulysses. The movement and text are generated from interviews with Lincolnshire residents in 7 locales and the performers positions trace the apparent migration of celestial bodies directly above the performance space.


Final Live event
Tuesday 21 June, from twilight, across Lincoln city centre (exact start time and location TBC)

For the final summer solstice event The Labours cast will enact sequences of movement and text in constellations throughout Lincoln. Sites chosen for the distributed event are derived from the locations of celestial bodies overhead in conjunction with a consideration of local landmarks and street names.

For further information about any of the above contact


Photo by Julian Hughes

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